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While Robin is marrying and divorcing Barney, Ted meets a wonderful woman who loves all of his romantic gestures and wants to have children with him. He gets the family he always wanted. Then after she dies, he sits his kids down to tell them how he met her… only to focus mostly on how he couldn’t move on from Robin, their Honorary Aunt, not to mention pretty much every other girl he went after before meeting their mother. Their dead mother. And then it turns out he never let go of Robin, even after all the times she told him she did not love him, even when talking about her marrying his best friend, and apparently not even after meeting The Mother. Robin is considered wrong for rejecting him, and ends up divorced, career-obsessed, friendless, and miserable. Ted ends up getting the family he’s always wanted from a woman who both could and wanted to have children (unlike Robin), and gets Robin in the end after said woman conveniently dies. He gets everything, and all the other characters’ dreams and development (and in The Mother’s case, her actual life) suffer as a result. Not even the kids call him out for making the story about Robin, and actually encourage him to go after her.

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Basically why I hate the finale. 

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the more I think about it the angrier I get.






Who invented the blow job?

Like, who wakes up one day and thinks “today, I will suck a dick





It’s history.

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